Looking for video production services from a company you can depend on?

Rabbit Ears Media is a company that you can depend on for high-quality digital video production, direction and photography. Video is a powerful tool; when used correctly it can touch hearts, change minds, elicit emotion and ultimately change the viewers perception of the world around them.

Our Portfolio
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Sizzle Reel

Last year, I was brought in by a producer to shoot a sizzle reel for a director based on a few pages from her feature script. The feature was written and she was looking for financing to produce her directorial debut. We had two days to shoot about 10 pages. It was a very guerrilla production, running and gunning. Shot…

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Hartford Prints: 3 Sisters and a Press

Hartford Prints!–3 sisters and a press– is a local paper good shop that had its start through the Hartford Arts and Heritage Jobs Grant Program. Now a successful small business, they’re creating a one-of-a-kind print that celebrates Hartford’s public art for our 2013 United Arts Campaign. The Hartford Arts & Heritage Jobs Grant is funded by the City of Hartford…

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