What are “rabbit ears?”

A dipole antenna, developed by Heinrich Rudolph Hertz around 1886, is an antenna with a center-fed driven element for transmitting or receiving radio frequency energy. These antennas are the simplest practical antennas from a theoretical point of view. The most common dipole antenna is the “rabbit ears” type used with televisions. While theoretically the dipole elements should be along the same line, “rabbit ears” are adjustable in length and angle. (Source: Wikipedia)

What is Rabbit Ears Media?

Rabbit Ears Media is a company that you can depend on for high-quality digital video production, direction and photography. Video is a powerful tool; when used correctly it can touch hearts, change minds, elicit emotion and ultimately change the viewers perception of the world around them. Rabbit Ears Media was founded by Helder Mira of Hartford, Connecticut, in 2004.

About Helder Mira

Helder based his video production business in Hartford, the city he called home as a child and grew to love as an adult. He saw video production as a way to highlight and showcase the diversity of Hartford, its artistic community and its often overlooked treasures. What started in Hartford led him to museums, theaters and corporations all across the Northeast.

Examples of Rabbit Ears Media’s work can be viewed in our portfolio. We specialize in providing video services for community groups, non-profit organizations, theaters, corporations, local and state government and schools, including filming, editing, broadcasting, commercial production, film production, art direction and media distribution.


Photo on this page: Kyle Turner