Royal Comics web series teaser trailer

“Royal Comics” is a pilot for a web series about the trials and tribulations of a small press comic book publisher, written, directed, and produced by Rabbit Ears Media.

Royal Comics is a work place comedy series about a start-up small press independent comic book company struggling to make ends meet. Set in Hartford, CT, the story focuses on the relationships of editor in chief Mario Coelho, publisher and head writer Deirdre Sullivan, head artist Paul Foster, and their faithful assistant intern known as Office Monkey. Having left a larger publisher due to artistic differences, Mario, Deirdre, and Paul attempt to work together to self-publish comic books of artistic merit. However, they are constantly encountering roadblocks such as artistic blocks, missed deadlines, egomaniacal writers, self-destructive artists, and romantic heartaches. While they have a devoted cult following, they remain under the shadow of their former publisher, run by Mario’s rival.

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